Jill Seale

Gamestop Lists Catherine For July Release: The Emotional Rollercoaster Continues

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F*cking Gamestop…

When we last left the Saga, Atlus told us, “Catherine is a Japan-only game, and there are no plans for a NA release at this time. Sorry about that!” Then, almost immediately afterward, they send their mailing list some cryptic bullshit asking their fans “Do you still love us?” Now there’s a little more tangible hope for players wanting to get their sheep-man on.

Gamestop has posted (and then immediately taken down) a listing for Catherine, claiming a July 26th release. There are also reports from EB Games employees to that same tune. The Gamestop listing is still available in cache form if you need to put your beady eyes to the real deal in order to believe.

Personally, I think July of this year is a little soon to be hoping for. You have to imagine that a game as dialogue heavy as Catherine would take quite a while to localize. I hope I’m wrong, though. Maybe they’ve been working on localizing it for a while now. Ugh, all this drama is giving me the vapors.


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