Ryan Wilson

GameStop Hates Deus Ex 3; Happiness

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If you were planning on buying Deus Ex: Human Revolution at GameStop, think again.

The brick-and-mortar juggernaut has decided to pull the newest iteration in the Deus Ex series off their shelves completely, after it was reported that retail PC copies of the game included a free second copy of the game for the OnLive cloud gaming service shortly before its release. GameStop, who currently owns the digital distribution platform Impulse, was not too happy to be advertising for competitor, and took their “opening new games” policy as an excuse to remove these promo codes from the box completely.

As of today, GameStop has stopped selling physical copies altogether until publisher Square-Enix releases a promo-less version of the title. The Impulse version remains, however, as it does not include the promo code…you know, in case you still want to give them money.

For those without other brick-and-mortar options, you can still snag an unopened copy of the game on Amazon.

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