Gamescom 2011 – Resident Evil Revelations Trailer

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BOWs, Bio terrorists and Chris “Rock Puncher” Redfield? Must be a Resident Evil game.

Looks like you won’t just be fighting on a boat in Resident Evil Revelations, you’ll be playing at least part of the game as Chris and his new female partner, who Capcom have done their best to exploit, especially with that wetsuit. You also get a look at the actual BSAA HQ by the looks of it, as well as some new bio terrorist organisation that isn’t Umbrella or Tricell, which makes sense since it takes place prior to Resident Evil 5. Still, if it’s as good anywhere near as good as Resident Evil 4 then it should be a no brainer. It’s just a shame the trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot in the way of actual gameplay. Even though I don’t own a 3DS, I’ll still be getting my hands on the game at Eurogamer next month.

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