Gamescom 2011: Playstation 3 getting a price drop

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It was rumoured this would happen at Gamescom a few months ago, and now Sony have just confirmed it during their press conference earlier today.The good news is that Americans get a $50 price cut for a standalone Slim system (160GB) so the system will now cost $250, which incidentally is the same price as the Wi-Fi Playstation Vita will be and the current price of a 250GB Xbox 360 S. The bad news is that Sony still insist that their financial model of “USD=EUR=YEN” still rings true, which means the system will cost 249EUR in Europe and 24,980YEN in Japan. As for the UK, no one usually knows until the price cut is actually made but Amazon are currently selling 160GB Slim PS3s for £192, so a £200 pricing seems viable.

It could be seen for Sony as both a good and a bad thing. The fact that the system now costs the same as the Xbox 360 equivalent and has the advantage of free online and Blu-Ray playing can only be good for Sony. On the other hand, it may put people off buying a Vita when it costs the same as an actual console. Still, either way, Sony will make some money on this price cut.

PS: The rest of the conference was boring and they announced a new 99EUR PSP that has no Wi-Fi. Seems like a financially sound decision.

Source: 1UP

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