Make It Happen: The Lost Adventures of Han and Chewbacca

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Han and Chewy

I want to start up a new series of articles, probably obviously by now, called “Make It Happen.” It’s pretty much just me talking about how I often sit around and think of some pretty awesome game ideas in my spare time and sometimes, the ideas sound like they would be not only feasible, but downright amazing. Yes, that does sort of make me sound like an ass, but hey, I have great ideas so deal with it. So, without further ado, the very first game I would like to introduce to you, is a co-op third person shooter in the Star Wars universe that tells the tale of the loveable rapscallion, Han Solo, and his faithful counterpart Chewbacca.

The fact that this hasn’t been done before blows my mind. I think about how great it would be to have a game that details the forming of the relationship between the two buddies and the misadventures they happen upon during their days of smuggling across the galaxy. I know there are books in the Star Wars universe that deal with these things and while that is all well and good, I would like to be given the chance to play these adventures out. The story could span from the time they met each other until the time they left for Tatooine. There would be room in the story to show how Han gets in trouble with Jabba The Hutt, and what exactly their relationship was like with Lando Calrissian. That would surely be plenty of time to give us a solid adventure to play through.

It would be pretty cool to have the game be similar in style to Gears of War perhaps, since I find the Gears of War series to be an extremely good time when it comes to co-op. It would be especially great if it were to run on the same engine used for Gears of War, complete with the cover system and fun co-op mechanics. I imagine the two would have different abilities that made them different, but equally as fun to control. Han could use his trusty blaster and the ability to stealthily move about the battlefield. Chewy can use larger rifles and his crossbow, and would have the ability to go into some crazy Wookie rage in which he can rush groups of enemies and maybe as a nod to Star Wars fans… tear their limbs off.

Naturally, there would be levels played from the Millennium Falcon where one player has to control and ship, steering it through ludicrous amounts of asteroids and narrow canyons, while the other player is in charge of fending off pursuers. The gunner would have to balance their time between fighting off enemies and running over to other parts of the ship to do things, like repair the hyperdrive, so the duo can make the jump to lightspeed and escape. Of course the game wouldn’t be complete without missions where they had to rely on each other completely to make it through alive. I imagine levels in which Chewy has to create a diversion by going on a rampage, while Han sneaks his way through a different part of the level, taking advantage of the distracted guards and bounty hunters. Maybe there would even be certain parts of the game where Han would have to sweet talk a lady while Chewy is sabotaging their enemies’ ship so they can make a clean getaway. The possibilities are quite plentiful.

There would be a competitive multiplayer component that consisted of bounty hunters versus smugglers, perhaps an 4-on-4 affair. I would like to see something like this that played out something like Spies versus Mercs did in the Splinter Cell series. Smugglers would get less equipment, but would have more agility and better ways to traverse the maps, while the bounty hunters would need to rely on their massive amounts of firepower (disintegration?) and tracking equipment to hunt down the smugglers.

Anyway, I know this will never happen, but it is pretty damn fun to think about sometimes. There are so many great games that could exist out there if only someone had the passion and awesomeness to pull it off. I guess things like licensing and all of that play a small role too or whatever. I’m a gamer not a lawyer.

Somebody figure this out and make it happen before Harrison Ford dies.

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