Gamers petition Blizzard for Starcraft 2 LAN: Blizzard snickers

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Even Bono’s Irish luck isn’t enough.

Excremento reported yesterday that Blizzard had announced there would not be any LAN option for multiplayer in StarCraft 2. Obviously this is going to piss off a lot of internet geeks and gamers. So what’s their answer for fighting back? An online petition.

And we all know how well those work out. Just ask Valve.

Christian Sorenson of told that,

“I don’t see a reason why it’ll decrease or increase it. Pirates will always be there. [Excluding LAN mode] will only punish the people who are legit buyers.”

Seriously guys, I wish you luck, but I doubt it will do anything. You guys petitioned Blizzard for a Diablo color change and we saw how that worked out. Somehow I really doubt with only 2,700 signatures(as of the time of this article) you’ll change a corporation’s mind. But good luck.

Even Borat wishes you good luck

The petition is over at PetitionOnline. Here’s the full article.

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