Ryan Wilson

GameFly to Launch Unlimited PC Play for the Holidays

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Looks like the familiar orange envelopes are about to leave meatspace.

GameFly has revealed their own venture into the somewhat crowded world of digital downloads with an upcoming PC client. The client will be available in a limited beta form on September 8th, with first access being guaranteed to those attending their Los Angeles launch event (and one friend). Those unable to attend can cross their fingers and sign up here.

The details of what exactly this client will provide is still very confusing at this time (as the below video will surely exacerbate), but what we do know is that you will receive unlimited access to a select number of PC games with no additional subscription charges. You can continue to play these games for as long as you are a subscriber. Where the details get fuzzy is in whether all titles will have to be purchased beforehand before they are played. The trailer clearly shows Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood being purchased for $49.99, a title that can be accessed without a subscription on Steam for only $39.99. We can only hope that this isn’t the attitude that GameFly has chosen for its new platform.

The PC client will fully launch for the Holiday season, with hundreds of titles claimed to be available by that time.

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