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Game Of Thrones New Trailer “Vengeance” Is Here

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If you’re looking for justice, you’ve come to the wrong place….
Just in case anyone needs anymore reasons to get excited for season four of what might be the greatest show in the history of mankind now or forever, HBO has released a new trailer for Game of Thrones(check out the first trailer here). Maybe calling it the greatest show ever might be a little over the top, but dammit this show is amazing, so sorry if I get a little too excitable. Anyway, the new trailer is titled “Vengeance”, and it looks amazing. Now I know there are more than a few people out there still in therapy over last seasons Red Wedding, but its time to take your meds and check out the new trailer. Let us know what you think? Are you like me, counting down the days till the vengeance comes, or do you not have HBO?

Game of Thrones’ new season premieres April 6th on HBO

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