Game over man, game over! Left 4 Dead DLC details announced

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It seems the big sites haven’t picked up on it yet but on Friday (or Saturday for that matter), Gametrailers TV revealed the first information on the upcoming Left 4 Dead DLC. Being a big L4D fan, I watched the video straight away. Okay I lie, it was really today. It revealed what’s coming in the new DLC anyway.

  • First off, unsuprisingly, is that the 2 new campaigns for versus are just Dead Air and Death Toll. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, although the Dead Air finale will be interesting with the lack of cover.
  • The first details for the new ‘Survival’ mode were revealed. The aim of the new mode is to kill as many zombies as possible while surviving wave after the wave of the walking dead, similar to Gears Of War 2‘s horde mode. This seems like it would be pretty easy with just zombies so I imagine special infected will get thrown into the mix. More interesting is that according to the video this will take place over 12 maps. This seems like a bold claim but the more maps the better. I’m guessing that these will be tailored to the new mode.

The only question now is should this have been in the game in the first place? Well we’ll never know but we at least know that there will be a critic’s choice edition of the game including the DLC. There’s also the issue of whether the DLC will be free on the Xbox 360.  On the other hand, at least the Xbox 360 version is getting DLC at the same time as the PC version, which can’t be said for Team Fortress 2. I imagine more details will come up in the next few days. If you want to watch the video containing the info, which shows brief footage of versus on Dead Air and Death Toll, then follow the link here. I’d embed it in the post usually but apparently it’s not allowed for Gametrailers TV, the bastards.

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