Game of Thrones Episode 2 Review: The Kingsroad

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Another week another episode, what can we expect this time?

Welcome back folks! As a preface to this review, I will be writing it with the assumption that you have at least taken a look at the novel “Game of Thrones” in the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series. There will be some story just given out and it will focus more on the show in regards to how it is portrayed compared to the novel. You have been warned!

This episode continues the story I’m sure you’ve all read by now. Personally, I’m already half done. I got caught in one of those moods where you just can’t stop turning the pages, so I feel like an authority now when it comes to how accurate the show is and hopefully will remain to the original work.

In episode two Eddard Stark is to leave his home of Winterfell with the king to become his right hand in governing the kingdom. The second youngest Bran is in bed after his fall in the first episode. As his mother sits at his bedside Eddard’s bastard son Jon Snow enters the room and what is supposed to be a great scene seems to fall apart. I feel bad for not noticing, and it might have been because I was just so excited to see this fantastic story brought to life, but I am not a fan of Kit Harington as Jon Snow. His performance came across as very stiff. Jon Snow, while not a true Stark, is pretty much a member of the Winterfell family. In his encounter with Lady Catelyn he just stood there with an expression that I can only describe as stupid. Catelyn has never liked Snow because he represents the part of her husband that she could never let go: his bedding another woman and returning with her child. In this scene Jon and Cate (see what I did there?) speak out about their strained relationship and a slight glimmer of hope for them is shown, but not only did this encounter consist of a few lines, Kit acted like he stumbled in from drama class. I know that John is supposed to be young and naïve, but I never took his character for a whimp.

Now, Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark is amazing. Seeing her fight against Bran’s assassin gave me a warm happy feeling inside, even more so when the direwolf ripped the assailant’s throat out, HBO never was afraid of showing some gore.

As for major plot happenings and how they were portrayed they did a damn fine job, but There were some odd reworkings of how they happened like when Eddard put down Sansa’s pet wolf Lady Bran wakes up at the exact same time. Another odd scene is when Catelyn has her revelation that Brands assassin might have been sent by the Queen after finding a hair in the tower that he fell from. They conveyed the story in the same way but it was a little odd to see them reworked. At least Catelyns being in the tower made some sense. I was a little sad when the omitted Sansa’s encounter with the other two king’s knights. The King’s brother’s helm wasn’t present! Who the hell wouldn’t want to see a helm with antlers? Come on HBO!

They did add some nice scenes showing Emilia Clarke’s character Daenerys Targeryen getting down and dirty with Khal Drogo as well as some girl-on-girl awesomeness. HBO never did shy away from showing some bare boobies.

Thus far I see the television adaptation of Game of Thrones to be more of a supplement to the novels than replacement for it. There is a lot of book and already a few intertwining stories to fit into a ten episode season. Thank the seven HBO already gave it a green light for a second season!

Overall this episode was great. It didn’t have the wonder that the first episode did, but there was enough plot and people getting their throats ripped out to keep you entertained and as long as there is a scene with Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, I’ll be happy.

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