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Game Day Promos Give Us No Clue To New Set

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Star City Games announced on their Facebook page the new Magic Game Day promos which will be from the next set in the Scars of Mirrodin block.

Pristine Talisman is printed here with the “Mirrodin Pure” expansion symbol. We know that the next set in the block will be either New Phyrexia or Mirrodin Pure not both. Wizards is being very keen on keeping the final set name different, as it is very telling of the victor in the Phyrexia – Mirrodin War that is taking place over these three sets. As for the card itself, it isn’t a bad common. Combines both life gain and mana production which are useful.

Suture Priest here is printed with the New Phyrexia expansion symbol. I would really love to see this in my white decks. I think it is a little weak for competitive decks, but it is an interesting card for some casual decks. Particularly against decks that make a lot of creature tokens. It is an interesting and versatile card. Something you want to see from a common.

Printing them with each faction specific expansion symbol is unique. When Wizards decides to print these cards in the upcoming set with a different expansion symbol these versions of the cards will be sought after. I think the third set is going to be both expansions myself. I think a booster box will feature half New Phyrexia and half Mirrodin Pure. We haven’t been told specifically that it won’t be that yet. Doing promos like this really make me suspicious to maybe they aren’t letting as much on as they would like to. This strategy is doing one thing. It’s getting us all talking about Magic.

You can pick up one of these promos by going to Magic Game Day, which takes place March 5th and 6th at your local game store.

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