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Gabe Newell Puts Trust in Steam Guard

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I use Steam quite often, if for nothing than to pick up games at extremely reasonable prices in the hopes my PC will one day be able to play them. I’m just a nobody and don’t really need to worry about people trying to hack my computer to gain access to my account, but after today I can guarantee you that the hacker community is working their ass off to try and get into Gabe Newell’s account.

At GDC this week, in an attempt to show people attending the Valve presentation just how secure their new identity protection feature called Steam Guard (currently in beta) is gave his username and password to all attending along with the rest of the Internet as it went viral.

The Steam Guard feature links your user account for Steam to your computer’s specific identifiers. So if someone were to know your user/pass and tried to access it from any computer that isn’t authorized under the Steam account, it wouldn’t work and the user would be immediately notified, which is pretty damn cool.

I don’t care how certain you may be of your new service Gabe, but I’d make sure that the account I share to the world is a dummy account…you know, just to be safe.

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