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FX Renews Sons of Anarchy For a 5th Season

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Just in case you heard incorrectly, SoA will be around for another season of 13 episodes next year.

This season currently airing has been breaking records for the network as far as ratings are concerned, especially in the 18-49 demographic that all shows want to conquer. Approximately 5.8 million viewers are checking the series out each week (up 30% over last season’s numbers, thanks no doubt to Netflix and word of mouth advertising) which made FX eager to line up more episodes of the Hamlet inspiried motorcycle gang series.

I fucking love Kurt Sutter’s shows. I was a rabid fan of The Shield and Michael Chiklis’s portral of Vic Mackey. I didn’t realize it then but the show’s success was due mostly to the amazing writing that Sutter puts into each of his shows’ episodes. SoA is no exception to this rule. It is quite possibly the best hour of television on basic cable right now.

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