Future L4D2 DLC will star community map

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Valve may be working on Portal 2 right now but that doesn’t meant they’re not working on their other games. No, not Episode 3.They are working with Matthew Lourdelet, a community map maker for the Left 4 Dead games to release his current in development map, Cold Stream, as part of an upcoming DLC package. However, they want the community to help with finishing this map, so it will added in the next few weeks and the community will be able to play and test it. The feedback and test data from this will go into finishing the map until it’s ready to be released properly on PC and Xbox 360. However, Valve will also be including the other 3 remaining L4D1 maps in this future DLC. No Mercy was ported to L4D2 when The Sacrifice DLC campaign was released. There are no release date or pricing details (on Xbox 360 of course) but it’ll be at some point after Portal 2. Why no release date? Because it won’t be released until ‘when it’s ready’. They even admit to the existence of Valve time.

I’m all for supporting your games after they’ve been published but come on Valve, you surely know by now the one game we’ve been waiting for since forever, Valve Time be damned.

Source: L4D Blog

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