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Future Diary – An action packed game where your survial depends on your future.

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Writer: Sakae Esuno
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Publisher: Viz Media
Volumes: 12

Imaginary friends. We’ve all had them at one time or another, a fantastical creature to go on adventures with or just another person to talk to.  But like almost all the great things about childhood, we grow out of it and become boring adults. Yukiteru (Yuki) Amano has held on to his for a longer than the average child. Preferring them to human companionship, Yuki spends most afternoons in his room talking with his imaginary friend, Deus. But Yuki soon discovers that Deus is a not only not imaginary, he is a powerful creature who will change Yuki’s life forever.

The God of Time and Space, Deus Ex Machina and his assistant Muru Muru have started in motion a game. A 90 day game of cut throat survival through a grand battle royal that will determine who will become the next God of Time and Space and stop the impending Apocalypse. Deus has given 12 people a dairy that can predict the future, each in a different way. Yuki’s dairy tells him what he will be doing for the next 90 days. Having no interest in playing the game, Yuki uses his diary to his advantage by get better grades and avoid confrontations. Until he reads that the serial killer that’s been on the loose kills him. Yuno Gasai, a model student in his class, reveals that she too has a future diary but instead of showing her future, it shows Yuki’s in 10 minute intervals. Yuno confesses her love of Yuki and obsession with him,vowing to save him from the serial killer and the 3rd future diary holder. After they defeat the diary user and save Yuki, Deus gathers the remaining dairy users into his realm. The God proclaims Yuki to be his favorite as he has been the first contestant to eliminate another. The other diary users set their sights on him and with the help of his borderline stalker, Yuki must use his future diary to stay alive.

Future Diary is a fast paced fantastical adventure that captivates you right from the first chapter and keeps the momentum going the whole series. With unique character designs and relationships, this manga is a refreshing change  of pace in the supernatural genre.  Check out the first volume of Future Diary from Viz and find out if Yuki will survive the game and become the next God of Time and Space!

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