Alan Smithee

Futurama Invades The Simpsons on November 9th

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You read that headline correctly, to cap off the crossover season to end all seasons, The Simpsons isn’t only going to be visited by Quahog’s first family, but will also receive a visit from Bender Bending Rodriguez and company in an upcoming episode this November 9th.

The crossover… will unspool a complex, Terminator-esque story that involves Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich that he places in a time capsule. When that mixes with Milhouse’s rabbit’s foot and some radioactive ooze, it creates a global catastrophe in the future, prompting Bender to travel back in time to kill Bart and prevent this mega-mess.

So the show that we thought was sent off for the last time, will get another send off via this episode. I’m excited that all of the Futurama voice cast will be returning for the special, especially Billy West and John DiMaggio.

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