Futurama Gets Knocked Up A Notch: Bender’s Game

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I fell in love with Futurama from the very first time I saw the pilot and have been hooked ever since. Any fan of the series will be glad to know that Bender’s Game keeps up the trend of geeky jokes, hilarious parody and great story that is the staple of the Futurama universe.

Bender’s Game is the third in the series of straight to DVD Futurama movies, following on from Bender’s Big Score and more recently. The Beast With A Billion Backs. The plot of the movie follows the Planet Express crew as they try find out the reason behind the sudden dark matter shortage by infiltrating the universe’s only dark matter mine, ran by MOM Corp. What they encounter when they get there is a far stranger world of fantasy, dungeons, AND dragons.

After a spectacular ‘Yellow Submarine’ inspired psychedelic twist on the original intro sequence the film opens on Cubert, Dwight and their friends playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons. After taunting Bender for his lack of imagination, Bender loses his grip on reality and descends into madness and believes himself to be “Titanious Anglesmith, Fancyman of Cornwood”. After Bender is sent to the HAL Institute for criminally insane robots, the remaining crew embarks on their mission to infiltrate Mom’s dark matter mine and prevent her from controlling the prices any further. When they arrive they find out that the mine is not a mine at all, it’s actually a battery farm for Nibblonians.

Just as it looks as if all is lost and Mom has won, the entire crew, Mom and her sons are transported into an alternate fantasy reality. In this magical realm, littered with Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings and even a couple of Star Wars references each of the characters have a fantasy counterpart. The crew sets off on a quest to destroy the magical “dice of power” that will take away Mom’s (Momon’s) power for good. However, the crew hits a snag when Fry (Frydo) is corrupted by the power of the dice and runs off by himself. Towards the end of the movie, we see a final battle between draconian versions of Fry and Mom, each of them wanting the power of the dice.

With a fantastic story littered with hilarious scenes, including many inside jokes for long-term fans of the series, Futurama: Bender’s Game is a must see movie. Out on simultaneous Blu-ray and DVD release on November 3rd in Europe and November 4th in the USA, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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