Ryan Thomason

From the Theater Chair: Skyfall

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Skyfall furthers the “Daniel Craig is a badass Bond” theme, with his third Bond film in the books, the grey speckled Bond still kicks some ass.

I’ve heard numerous arguments for, against, or just plain noncommittals for Daniel Craig being James Bond. While I still think Casino Royale has been his best bond showing yet, Skyfall grips you from start to finish and doesn’t let go as it smacks you around in a good way.

A list has been stolen that includes the names and fake identities of NATO operatives in terrorist organizations across the world, and the NATO countries didn’t know that there was a list. Oops! From the second the movie started, and my brother in law kept grabbing my knee and squeezing it. Yeah, he was that excited to be watching the movie, and I’m thankful that the knee squeezing ended there, for the time being. Where was I? Oh yes, the movie starts with a dead agent and a Motorcycle/Car/Train/A CAT Digger rolling over and crushing stuff on a train/More train fighting and that scene we’ve seen a bunch of times in the trailer of James getting shot and then dropping from a bone crushing height into water. Yes, that was the first 10 minutes of the movie before the Adele sung Skyfall Bond intro. Man, I don’t usually get worked up about the Bond intros, which are iconic in their own right, but the Skyfall one was just so cool. Yes, having Adele doing the vocals adds to the effect and she does a tremendous song that is worthy of listening in just audio form, strangely, this brought more knee squeezing from my brother in law. Thankfully, he laid off my leg for the rest of the movie.

Skyfall isn’t going to go down as one of the greatest Bond movie’s of all time, but after considerable thought, it’s easily a top 10 on the list for me. I don’t pay attention to cinematography, or sounds, whatever it is that people hone in on when they’re being a critic of movies. I base my overall feelings on “Was I entertained? and Was it worth the money for that entertainment?” in both situations of Skyfall I would heartily say yes. Though, don’t get too hung up on Berenice Marlohe as one of the Bond Girls in this movie, her screen time probably amounted to 10 minutes, a couple of lines and a shower scene behind a glass that covers everything but her head. Naomie Harris gets far more screen-time, more tongue in cheek innuendo at Bond and plenty of sexual tension. There is a bit of a theme with Skyfall, that yes, Bond may be a bit older, more grizzled, starting to lose a step, but sometimes the old ways work best. If you’re a car dork (which I’m not) when they revealed the Aston Martin DB5 in the movie, there were claps and groans of lust in the audience. I’m not kidding, I heard some adult men making lusting noises over a car, not when the bond girl was taking a shower, but over the car. I kept my excitement to myself, I’ll be honest, you can’t deny that it’s not a sexy looking car. With more of the underlying theme of “Old but not Out” in Skyfall under wraps when they showed off the Aston Martin everything seemed to be tied up in a nice bow. Then the climatic ending happened, and damn, just DAMN. I’m seriously trying my hardest to reign in and not sputter everything out. I’ll just say this, YOU WILL BE PLEASED.

This is why James Bond has so much appeal, it’s just a little bit of everything that makes us want to be a bad-ass spy for MI6. If you even barely like Bond, you’ll be entertained, this movie is just so good to watch and soak in. Until next time 007, until next time.

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