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From The Redbox – Silver Linings Playbook

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This weekend, the dear wife and I were ultra tired, but we still managed to keep to our ‘date night’ which involves take out and a movie with no children around.

Silver_Linings_Playbook_PosterI lie, we usually end up spending most of the weekend trying to make our way through a movie. Thanks to our exhaustion and the calming effects of a little elevated blood alcohol, we tend to find an excuse to sneak upstairs before we finish with the flick.

You see children, when you get a little older and enter into your 30s and have kids of your own that are early risers and you work a good 40+ hour workweek and are physically active most of the week and sleep deprived…well, you tend to go to bed whenever you can. At least that’s my excuse.

SO, we rented Silver Linings Playbook.

The basic synopsis would be thusly. Pat Jr. is in a mental institution because he went ape when he caught his wife cheating on him, from there he proceeded to beat the living hell out of the offending man…hence the lockup. The movie starts with him being released into the care of his parents as he promises everyone that he’s a changed man, MOVIE COMMENCE!

It’s a tale of redemption, romance, and football, the latter I wish was not part of the movie, but it’s pretty damn important in moving the movie forward. Not being a resident in a state that has a prominent handegg sports ball team, I don’t get it. Hell, even if there were that here I’d still not get it.

You see, I don’t understand sports fandom, or fandom in general. I like things, I even get excited for things, but I don’t get the appeal of wearing a team member’s jersey and claiming that as a spectator that I somehow influenced the outcome of a match. /endrant

Ok back to the flick. So Pat Jr. is trying to get his life back together after spending 8 months locked away and is striving to get back with his estranged wife and has apparently made some drastic changes in order to do so. There’s one problem, she has a restraining order against him.

Enter their mutual friends who suddenly and mysteriously want him to come hang out…I don’t want to give anything away because this movie lives and dies by the amazing acting and chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Cooper. Just watch this damn flick.

When I rented it, I jokingly called it “you will cry: the movie” and while I did get a little swoony over Mr. Cooper and Ms. Lawrence, I was never moved to tears like I am in other romantic movies (You’ve Got Mail makes me cry every damn time at the end.). There were two factors that seriously stole this flick. One, Chris Tucker where have you been? Seriously, when he showed up I was shocked and amazed at the same time because I friggin’ love that guy. Every scene with him was memorable and fun. Two, Robert De Niro made me believe he was an old kooky sports book, the acting chops this man has, good lord.

So all in all if you’re in the mood for a properly written adult drama with some great comedic moments (but not a comedy), this is your movie. I found it a bit obtuse at times with the scene at the Eagles football game especially, but I’m not complaining. I genuinely had a good time watching it and so did my partner…though I’m afraid I liked Bradley Cooper more than she did. Dude’s a good actor.

Now for a bit of haiku about this flick:

Oh Brad Cooper Why
Punching People Is No Good
Now It’s About Dance?

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