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From the (Digital) Comic Hold: Seven Percent

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What happens when a man can unlock 93% of the potential of the mind through a Psion Machine? Well, bad things.

sevenpercent01exd-1Seven Percent #1
Writer: Jeremy Fiest Luke Keith
Artist: Jarreau Wimberly
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Price: $1.99
Release Date: February 27th, 2013

Synopsis: In 3499 A.D., Earth has been abandoned. The human mind has been unlocked. Science has pushed the mind to its limits, but has been unable to go beyond 93% activation. What secrets lie within the final SEVEN PERCENT?

I’ve been on a Sci-Fi tear this year when it comes to comic books. I’ve been finding myself digesting everything but your typical super hero comic. Seven Percent is a very, very much welcome comic into the mix. Mankind has spread across the Galaxy, trillions of people and assuming a boatload of habitable planets to fill them all. The Union, your force of mind controlling uber group of evil corporations seems to have control of things. Which doesn’t fit well for SubTerra, a city deep underground in Earth. The separatist have the Psion Machine, that is said to unlock the potential of the human mind at %100, if the symbiotic process the machine uses will accept the host. So far, it hasn’t done so. So, they can unlock 93% by forcing the Symbiotic process, which turns people into well, not so good crazy superhumans.

When the city is found, attacked, and a seemingly comparable host that the machine desires is acutally from the wrong side well, things might just get tricky in the next 5 issues of this comic run.

I really liked the art by Jarreau Wimberly, especially the big military standoff fighting scenes with force barriers popping up. The technology that floats in front of people to access them (Google Glass on steroids it looks like, which is, awesome.) I don’t know how long it took him to put it all together, but you can tell that it was done with a giant dose of passion, it really stood out to me like that. The story, while may have some feel you know in science fiction, is still pretty unique in it’s own right. I really like where it’s heading and I’ll be anticipating until I pick up the next issues to read.

If you’re a science fiction fan, or, just wanting to try something that is new and unique, I suggest you head over to ComiXology and buy it.

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