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From The Comic Hold: The Massive, Issue #1 – #7

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Why am I reading a comic book about a pacifist environmental/conservationist group? Because, it’s actually pretty good. Also, Brian Wood is a damn good comic book writer.


The Massive #1 – #7
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Kristian Donaldson
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Price: $3.50
Release Date: June 13, 2012 – Current

Spoilers AHOY!

Here is the setting, the world is going crazy, I’m talking, every environmental disaster that you can think of is happening. It’s a post apocalyptic firestorm of epic proportions, minus zombies, unless Brian Wood is saving that for later, I really hope not. There is a group called the Ninth Wave, they have a ship called the Kaptial and a giant converted factory ship called The Massive. The Massive has been missing, and Cal (Captain Callum Israel), the leader of the group is just trying to survive and find the sister ship in their oceanic fleet.

What’s been interesting for me so far, is that when most people have the one big near world ending event, this one has you learning about four or five things that happened(ing) every issue it seems. It’s unprecedented in scale, and I wonder how he’s going to keep up with all of it and how each disaster impacts the previous one and the ones to come, it’s very interesting to me as a post apoc geek, and maybe that’s why I’m still reading. Well, I’m still reading because the story is actually good. From the ship trying to find a place to resupply, get diesel fuel, clean water, food, not guns (well, about that…). I guess when you used to be a bad ass mercenary that got tired of killing people, the next logical step is to start a pacifist organization with your hard earned blood money.

The artwork by Kristian Donaldson has been really consistent and something that I’ve been enjoying a lot. Naturally, there are lots of ocean scenes, and panels in the natural world, it’s been a treat looking at the pages and taking it all in. I look of how the characters are drawn have a certain edge to them that’s hard for someone still trying to learn the world of comic books to define. I’ll say it looks slick and I enjoy it, especially after reading so many comics that I find the artwork lacking behind a solid story. The Massive has kept me entertained, and that’s all that I ask for, I breezed through the first seven issues in a single sitting, I suggest you do the same if you want to get caught up in this great new series before issue #8 comes out.

Check it out for yourself: Dark Horse Digital

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