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From The Comic Hold: The Massive #8

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Cal is being held under guard while the so called peaceful Moksha Station prepares to take the Kapital as it’s own. Is the Ninth Fleet doomed?


Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Garry Brown
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Price: $3.50
Release Date: January 23, 2013

Depth Charges. They solve everything.

I remember Brian Wood tweeting a while back about how he did a bunch of research on how to create depth charges. So, when Lars muttered those words, a weird tingle went up my spine. Seriously, I don’t know why that happened, or if I was sitting funny. But just having that tiny piece of knowledge made that page stick out for me.

Mary, who apparently is part Sea Otter, manages to disable all communications on the Station. Gets shot and plunges into the ocean in just a shirt and underwear, THEN manages to swim to some underwater hatch and survive. Until she’s found and tossed into a cell for questioning. After surviving the Artic waters, in essentially the same amount of clothing, she’ll be just fine.

Not a lot really happens in this issue, but that’s fine, Brain Wood seems to be setting all the characters up in such a way that you’re wondering just what the hell is everyone up to. Especially since a giant raging storm is keeping everyone from abandoning the station and taking of in the Kapital, a ship that Lars is supposed to SINK because of protocol Cal has setup. The next issue should see the end of this 3 part arc, and I can’t wait for Brian to reveal what he’s been setting up. The artwork by Garry Brown continues to be consistently good. I really dig his artwork on the open water panels and while I might have found the art style in this comic a little funky at first, I’ve really grown to like it. Kudos, Mr. Brown.

Check it out for yourself: Dark Horse Digital

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