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From The Comic Hold: Star Trek The Next Generation: The Hive #2

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Sometimes this comic reads like a weird Fan Fiction. Other times? It’s just…

It’s just, It’s just….I seriously can’t come up with a proper string of words that equate something between disappointment, Trek Fandom, a literal laugh out loud moment, and still have to read it no matter what. I’ve always been a big Star Trek fan since I was introduced to it one night when I was 16 and there was Voyager reruns. Yes, Next Generation wasn’t my introduction to Star Trek, though it followed closely after I got hooked into all things Trek with Voyager. Then I discovered Picard, and Earl Grey Tea. This 4 issue arc seems to be meshing two of the Trek TV Shows that sucked me into the universe, maybe that’s why I’m so willing to keep giving it a chance.


Here is the premise, 503 years into the future from the Next Generation Timeline, The Borg have conquered the galaxy, Picard is Locutus the King of the Borg. A sliver of his human self apparently waited 500 years to finally peek through and now Picard is hell bend on destroying everything Borg. With the help of a trusty rebuilt Data. Because not having Data would be something against Star Trek cannon I think. They’re like, one of the Star Trek couples, though Picard is a bit of a swinger when it comes to who he couples with, ok, I’m getting way too beyond what this comic is about. Back on track.

The comic is split between the two timelines of when the Borg finally bested the Federation and future Picard destroying everything the Borg had built. The “Current” timeline almost seems throw away to me, yeah, we want to know how the Borg finally outsmarted The Federation, but that could be done simple enough in a couple of pages. It almost seems like because it’s Star Trek, they have to show a bunch of panels of Riker standing there taking orders and Geordi pulling engineering goodness out of his ass. I think I saw Janeway and The Doctor from Voyager. Seven of Nine gets a big display this issue, as in the future she is the sentinel for the Queen, her protector…with a giant mechanical spider body. I’ll say that the first visions of bad FanFic came into play when Data is standing atop her choking her out all gangster pimp style with his emotionless face. The last panel though? Where the big reveal of seven’s treachery? The spider body popping out in front of Picard with that terrible look on her face? That’s where I actually laughed out loud.

The damn thing about this is that because I’m a completest when it comes to Star Trek, I have to know how this damn thing ends up playing out. I may not be overly in love with it, but I’m ENTERTAINED that’s what you want out of Star Trek at the least. Damn you IDW, you’ve suckered me in.

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