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From the Comic Hold – Justice League Vol. 2

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Don't they teach sharing in Super-kindergarten?

Don’t they teach sharing in Super-kindergarten?

Justice League Volume 2 – The Villain’s Journey
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Jim Lee
Publisher: DC Comics
Price: $24.99
Release Date: February 5th, 2013

Reviewer was provided a review copy by DC Comics.

The second volume of Justice League shows the titular team as more seasoned, but barely holding onto the definition of the word “team”. The group makes no effort to work together to fight crime, opting instead to treat each encounter in the same way they would solo. As you might guess, this causes great tension in the group, making them appear as a bunch of superpowered children in the eyes of the outside world. Holding them (barely) together is Wonder Woman’s ex-lover and mediator between the league and the United States government Steve Trevor.

Will they learn to work together to take on their greatest enemy yet, the (literally) tortured writer Graves, or will the League buckle under its own developmental issues? You’re going to have to read the graphic novel for yourself to find out.

Justice League, Vol. 2, despite taking place from issues 7 through 12 of The New 52 reboot, does a fantastic job at not alienating the reader who just so happens to pick up the series at this point, assuming they have a basic understanding of the characters. I give the writing/art team of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee much credit for being able to handle such a diverse group of superheroes without skimping at all on each member’s individual quirks and insecurities. Couple this with a strong story with an unlikely focal point and you’ve got a collection of stories that I highly recommend.

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