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From The Comic Hold: I Read Every Serenity Comic in the Dark Horse Catalog

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Just like everything having to do with the Firefly show, I didn’t find out about these until a couple of years after the fact, but, just find myself so satisfied.

Sometimes, having access to press credentials gives you benefits on something you would never have picked up. I love the Firefly show, and the movie Serenity that it spawned. Now, I didn’t watch the show until some six or seven years ago, but hey, I think that’s half of the cult following for the show anyways. I’d had some knowledge that there were comic books that tried to expand the series and keep it moving along but I’d never really sought them out. So, when Dark Horse gives me a chance to go sifting through their massive catalog and cherry pick whatever I want, I was pleasantly reminded that they did do some comics in the ‘verse and it was due time for me to read them!

leftbehindSerenity: Those Left Behind (3 Issues)

This arc is pretty fun, it starts off with the crew in a bit of a “Hey lets all point our guns at each other” standoff a visit to everyone’s best friend Badger, a contract mercenary out for revenge on Mal for taking out his eye, a job gone wrong, and everyone barely making it out alive. You know, essentially everything that you love about Firefly. I have a feeling this is one of those Episodes that Joss Whedon had in mind, but for obvious reasons never got to bear fruit.

Everything about this bundle oozes out everything that makes the show so much fun to watch and follow. Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews are credited with the story, while the artwork by Brett Matthews brings everything that we love to life. There was a lot to like about these comics, and the artwork doesn’t let down from the story behind it.

BetterDaysSerenity: Better Days (3 Issues)

What happens when the crew is hunted by a giant security mech on a job gone wrong (really, are you surprised?) and then chased down by a Alliance dude looking to take back River and snuff out the crew once and for all? They all get filthy rich and live the high life for a while.

If you’ve ever complained about how Mal and the Serenity crew never had anything go their way and striking it rich. These are the comics you want to pick up. My favorite part was what everyone told a story of what they wanted to do with all of the money they’ve come into. Especially Jaynes, especially his. What’s Mal’s secret dream if he struck it rich? Well, you’ll have to read it, but you can already say the man is kinda livin the dream as they were.

Float OutSerenity: Float Out

This comic is the one written by Patton Oswalt, and art by Patric Reynolds. While I may have a different view of Patton than other geeks, he sure can tell a good story. This is obviously taking place after the Serenity movie, where we lost Wash. Three of his old friends (not from the crew we know) have all pitched in an gotten a ship which they’ve named “Jetwash”, as they get ready to christian the ship (I liked the joke about how they should have gotten a Serenity class), they all talk about their connection with Wash. If you’ve wanted some funny stories about how awesome of a pilot Wash is and just Wash being…Wash. This one is a pretty fun read. The artwork is thumbs up great at you’d expect and honestly, you can’t go wrong with a single one shot comic that is all about Wash being a bad ass pilot.

SheperdSerenity: The Shepherd’s Tale

Of the three one shot comics this one was the most interesting to me. Shepherd is a pretty closed character with so much to reveal. What is his past, why is he such a bad ass fighter, but wears the collar of the priest? Holy crap do you find out, and more, down to the beginning of is childhood and what started him on the path he ended up taking.

Maybe I wasn’t paying much attention if any reveals happened, but I learned more about Shepherd in this one comic than in all of the Show and Movie combined (which was obviously the point of this comic) Joss and Zack Whedon teamed up on writing duties and Chris Samnee did some terrific artwork for the beefy (Fifty-six pages in all) comic. If you’ve been wanting to get a great perspective on Shepherd, you seriously have to read this one, maybe read it first, it’s worth it.

OtherHalf_DowntimeSerenity: Downtime and The Other Half

Zack Whedon and Chris Samnee teamed up again for this last one shot for all the Firefly/Serenity comic books that Dark Horse Published. Their contribution was Downtime in this two super short comics packed into one issue. Basically, Serenity is buried in snow, River goes outside, and takes out the Snowmen. If you know River, you should know that she knows a little more than that she’s putting on. In, The Other Half, Jim Krueger and Will Conrad, the crew is being chased by Ravers with a human cargo that they need to transfer. When someone pays to have this person transferred with half up front, well, Mal knows better. So, he sticks River next to the guy in the carriage as her brother tries to treat the wounded patient. It’s a interesting little story about River realizing exactly what type of person they are transporting, and taking a little opportunity when it comes knocking. In the form of a Reaver gun dropping into the inside of the carriage.

All in all, I had a great week catching up and finally reading all of these comic books. It made me miss everything that the show was I had to watch a couple of episodes just to put my mind at ease. We’ll always miss what Firefly could have been, and if you’re like me being incredibly late on following every aspect of the show/movie/comics. Do yourself a favor and just go buy/download the comic books from the Dark Horse Digital Catalog.

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