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From the Comic Hold: Conan the Barbarian #13

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New artist on this series,, Mirko Colak brings a distinctly new style to the mix, and I’m wishing he’d been around this whole time.

Conan_13_CVRConan the Barbarian #13
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Mirko Colak
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Price: $3.50
Release Date: February 20th, 2013

I’ve enjoyed the art that has been featured in every new Arc in this run, but right now, it’s feeling like what I’ve always pictured in my head. Conan as a big muscled ass kicker. Not that he wasn’t before, but in some of the earlier art styles, Conan was more lean than a muscled killing machine. I’m interested to see where Colak goes with the story that Brian Wood is adapting from the famous story by Robert Howard.

Belit has left Conan and the crew of the Tigress behind after the loss of her baby from The Death. She heads back to her home without giving any notice of if she’ll come back or not. So, Conan tries to move on and stick with the crew on the ship, trying to forget through backbreaking labor and rebuilding the ship. When he kills a doe during a hunt that had two fawns, he throws up. Which is something I never saw coming. Conan so distraught about the loss of someone he loved so much, and losing his first son, is too much for him. So, he goes in search of Belit in the desert, get’s whacked in the head and conscripted into an army without his knowledge. Where does he get brought? Ramah En Ram. Where the hell is it? Well, where do you think Belit went to? Belit is walking the walkway every night, even as the city is under siege. Conan seems intent on showing her how much he loves her, I’m assuming we’ll find out next issue, but I have a feeling it’s not going to go well for whoever get’s in Conan’s way.

Can’t wait!

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