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From the Comic Hold: Conan The Barbarian #12

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When the woman that Conan loves tells him to run away from The Tigress, the boat that has been his home, does he listen? Well, Seriously, you think Conan was going to run away from anything?


Conan the Barbarian #12
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Price: $3.50
Release Date: January 16th, 2013

No. Conan will not run away, he will stay, and fight to the death to keep his Queen, his Belit safe. But, will The Death win in the end? It’s a question that keeps lingering through the issue, and it helps bring out a side in Conan that most may not be used to. His desperate side, his unstoppable love for Belit, if he ever had a weakness, it may be her.

Conan has nothing to do to save Belit and the crew, so, he does what he does second best. Drinks a lot. Well, breaks into a drinking establishment and has his “breakfast” a giant glass of ale. You know, how we all have breakfast. Anyways, he meets the owner, who’s incredibly happy to have someone break in and start drinking hours before they open, but even happier to lend the services of her mother, a healer.

Can she save the crew and more importantly? Belit? Well, yes and no. You’ll have to read to find out. If The Death is truly the end for Conan, it wasn’t what he was anticipating. One of my favorite parts was the big fight to defend the ship (see gallery below), which is just Conan and N’Gora against a rabble of people who want The Tigress and her captain to be taken in for well, piracy and murdering lots of people. Hey, nobody said Conan was a saint.

I’m looking forward to where Brian Wood is taking us next, especially with how this issue ends, and I’m really loving the artwork by Declan Shalvey. I hope he gets to stick around for another ARC or two. Plus, look at that cover, isn’t it pretty cool looking? I’d pick it up just for that.

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