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From the Comic Hold: Adventure Time Issue #1-#9

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From the comic Hold: Adventure Time Issue #1-#9

Adventure Time #1-#9
Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $2.99
Release Date: 2012

There is a threshold that I didn’t know if I was ready to cross with my fondness for watching Adventure Time, that was reading someone else’s take on the land of Ooo.

There is something about Adventure Time that is just, Fun. It toes the line of juvenile and socially acceptable, we can thank Ryan North for that. Don’t be expecting any gigantic world changing revelations, save it for the TV show. What the Adventure Time comics are four (Issue 1 – 4) and a five (Issue 5- 9) issue Arcs that are self-contained “episodes” in their own right.

The first Arc starts with a familiar villain, The Lich. His evil plan this time around? Sucking the whole planet into a Bag of Holding and then throwing the bag into the sun. It…strangely makes more sense as the comic drags on, concluding in spectacular fashion. I don’t want to give too much about it away, what enjoyment would I get by giving you the details? It’d make you less impulsive to pick up the comics and start reading. Let’s just say that while the inside of a Bag of Holding may be a gigantic space, that could contain an entire planet within it, there are limits.

The Second Arc was more fun for me, because it was full of something I love, SCIENCE! Well, not applicable science, wacky Land of Ooo, pouring actual liquid science onto stuff to make it work better. Yes, they seriously went there. What the heck is going on you may ask? Well, Princess Bubblegum made a time machine, you push a button, you can go back in time to when PB finished making the machine. Jake, well, made ample use of it when he wasn’t supposed to; 88,000+ times. Cue to Finn and Jake going to the past, deep into the past (first episode of the TV show) and the future, robot future, with adult Finn and older Jake with a wicked scar on his face. Also, Robots. Did I mention robots and SCIENCE!. Yes, it was a fun read, a damn fun read.

One thing I was glad about reading the comics, is that they were able to maintain the fun and wacky feel of the TV show that has catapulted itself into the pop culture landscape. Could they have taken it into a bold new direction and tailored the comic to a specific audience? Yes, they could have. Heck, they could still do a more “serious” arc, the show has done it from time to time. Adventure Time is essentially about escapism in my point of view, you read it to just smile, laugh, and enjoy yourself with immaturity the of youth in the all too serious world that we live in. I’m glad I took the time to get caught up with this serious, and I look forward to reading more adventures in the land of Ooo.

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