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From the Comic Hold: Adventure Time #13

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Hacking is so awesome, if you know what you’re doing of course! BMO is still totally wrecked and now he looks like Ewlbo? Who is this dude that’s hacked BMO and a bunch of other robots in Ooo?


Adventure Time #13
Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $2.99
Release Date: February 20, 2013

Spoilers Ahoy! This comic was provided to us by Boom! Studios, who are totally math and rad people. /comic dudes fist-bump/

BMO is knocked out! Oh wait, he’s re-installing or something. Annnnd, now Ewlbo has control of him and all the other robots. So, it’s Finn/Jake Suit time! I don’t know why, but I’ve seen more of Finn going inside of Jake in some form or another in the comics than the show by far. I liked how Marceline, in one leg, while Finn was in the other, telling her how gross it was. Finn just sits there not understanding why she doesn’t think the intense dog smell and other great things when you’re inside a dog’s leg aren’t all that awesome as he thinks.

Eventually they find a place where the Robots won’t follow, an old government bunker/control room? From 1000 years ago before the Mushroom War? Pretty cool, I was hoping for more inside into the history, I’ll have to really look at the pages hard to see if they were able to divulge anything in the comic that we didn’t know in the show.

I’m like Jake and Finn though, I’d just mash at the keyboard and hope for a good result. Thankfully, Marcelline took up hacking a few centuries ago?

During this encounter we learn two things; Jake and Finn really, really know nothing about hacking/computers in general besides how to smash them, right? And we learn that Ewlbo is a 1000 year old manifestation of a really kick ass computer genius who went by the handle “kewlboy” I know, totally original right? His program function making games better and putting his face on bad dudes in them morphed with a 1000 year old government super program, thing and well, we got Ewlbo, a merging of the two. Can the Old Kewlboy program take over Ewlbo? Will Finn and Jake be totally useless because punching metal hurts? Will Marceline…be Marceline and just probably end up saving the day herself? We’ll find out in the conclusion of this arc next month, until then, mash some keyboards for good measure to brush up on your hacking skills.

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