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From the Comic Hold: Adventure Time #12

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Will they find the wizard that totally wrecked BMO? What is Lumpy Space Princess up to?


Adventure Time #12
Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 30th, 2012

Alright, first off, I’m still trying to figure out what LSP has to do in this issue, other than be LSP. As much as I love LSP Drama, or overtly lack thereof, but still existentially in her head. Her being stuck as a column at the start of the game (Super Guts Punch 3) see, it’s only a 3 player game and well, this is what happens when you join a game outside of the basic requirements. Her going several panels having a relationship with the “Go Hand” at the start of the game had me chuckling.

Oh LSP, I can’t stay mad at you, even if you maybe had something to do with wrecking BMO.

Finn, Jake and Marceline are all out to figure out which dastardly Wizard hacked BMO and caused this error. So, what better way to flush out a powerful wizard than making posters for a wizard battle of epic proportions and waiting for everyone to show up? The three each have their own way of sorting out and questioning all the wizards that show up. Something I have to comment on is that there is a Wizard with an apparently specialty in Everything in the land of Ooo, you need to read the comic to see, but I went back and re-read all of the names just for loading into my “Land of Ooo knowledge bank” Ryan North created some good ones, I wonder how much fun he had with that process.

Eventually BMO with seemingly coming from no where strength, pulls Jake to an unknown destination. Is this where we meet the fabled Wizard Ewlbo (Not to be confused with Elbow Wizard, with Elbows all over his body). We’ll have to wait until the next Adventure Time comic to find out!

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