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Fright Night – Trailer

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With all of the potential ground to cover in vampire lore and with the simple enough premise to sell, I can only wonder why Dreamworks chose to reboot the successful 1985 vampire flick Fright Night. Did we really need this?

Damn the fact that it has Colin Farrel assuming the role of the neighborhood vampire named Jerry or Star Trek’s Pavel Checkov (Anton Yelchin) as the film’s hero. It’s a remake of a great vampire movie that is more than capable of standing on its own. Oh wait, you mean to tell me that Christopher Mintz-Plasse is going to be Evil Ed and the character of Peter Vincent will be David Tennant?

Ok, fine, you’ve got my money. All you had to say was David Tennant, but the fact that we’ll inevitably see Checkov stake Mr. Stinklines in the heart is just icing on the cake. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the movie actually looks pretty well put together from what we see in the trailer.

The movie will be out in August on the 19th of this year and if that’s not enough for you, the character named Amy is played by a real-life person with the unfortunate name Imogen Gay Poots…so go ahead and giggle at that.

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