Fridays in FireFox Issue #1

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So here it is, the premiere of Fridays in FireFox. What do I plan to accomplish with this? I want to help expand everyone’s experience with my personal favourite web browser, FireFox. If you don’t already have FireFox, I highly recommend downloading it Here.

FireFox is a very customizable browser, offering literally thousands of extensions, themes, plug-ins ranging from script editors to downloaders. What I’m doing every week in Fridays in FireFox I’m going to show you some of my favourite extensions, powerful ones, useful ones, some for fun, some well known and some of the smaller yet handy extensions.

Since this is our first issue and not everyone may have FireFox installed yet, I’m going to start basic. Some essential add-ons that just make FireFox badass.

First off, AdBlock Plus. This is essential. Let’s put it this way, I haven’t seen an ad in my browser for years. None on YouTube, Dorkly, Facebook, Google. Nowhere. All you do after downloading is add your subscription (Default is the best) and you are all in the clear from now on. Nice, clean pages, no more ads. [Editors Note: WPR Ads are still awesome though…right?]

And now we have Video Download Helper. This is very handy, as you can rip any video stream that’s currently playing online in the browser. See a YouTube video you enjoy? Just click the balloons up top and download. Tired of streaming Star Wars from your favourite video site? Just rip it. It downloads the video file right to your hard drive so you can copy it to a USB stick and stick it in your PlayStation 3 (Or 360… But they’re so damn finicky with their files they feel like playing) and voila.

Last one for this issue, TabRenamizer. This is just a nice little took to cover up what your doing. If you’ve got a couple tabs open at work and don’t want the boss to pass by and see you on Facebook, just switch to your regular work tab, right click on the Facebook tab and you can choose several pre-loaded headers and symbols to make it look like the tab contains Google or “Page Can Not Be Displayed”. Just a nifty little extension.

So that’s it, if you have any questions or want to talk about your favorite Firefox goodies, leave a comment!

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