Friday PSAs: Pablo The Drinking Child Molester Edition

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It’s that time again. I’ve decided that the format will be one drug PSA, then one driving PSA and then a PSA of  the other various topics. So here we go. First we have a drug PSA about one strange animal, then a driving PSA in a galaxy far far away before finally having a more sensible PSA about child abuse.

Drug PSA – “Pablo The Drug Mule Dog”

Ok this one is just weird. Now Frank aren’t exactly known for their great ads but this one doesn’t even really make any sense. First off, it explains that “Pablo” was used to smuggle drugs into the country. Now who in their right mind would go to the effort of stuff drugs in the body of a dead dog? If anything, that’s just giving drug smugglers better ideas. He talks to various people affected by drugs which doesn’t go into great detail and then he goes to the telephone to talk to Frank. Only then does the narrator try and make any sense of it all. Original but it no means informing.

Driving PSA – Star Wars “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”


I am not making this up. This was an actual PSA that aired on TV. First off, is Star Wars really an ideal universe for setting a driving PSA in? Secondly, it doesn’t actually show a car or anything, just a friend who grabs hold of the drunk. Nowhere does it indicate that the drunk would drive home. Finally, when the narrator speaks, it shows the Millennium Falcon. What, is this drunk going to steal Han Solo’s ride? Even crazier, this wasn’t the only Star Wars that aired. There was a smoking PSA where R2D2 smoked! Look forward to that one in a PSA post far far away.


Child Abuse PSA – “Monsters”

And finally we have our most effective PSA. This is one that doesn’t have to frighten you or be ridiculous, because you get the message. It’s great in how it talks about monsters under the bed or in the closet as things you can avoid (after all they don’t exist) but then shows the silhouette of an adult as the monsters you can’t hide from and how we should stop child abuse. A well done PSA.

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