Friday PSAs: Exploding Welders Edition

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Hello readers and welcome to a new segment I call Friday PSAs, simply because I couldn’t think of anything else. What is this you ask? Well every Friday I will post 3 new PSAs (pubic service announcements) and give my opinions on them. What are PSAs? Well they’re advertisements usually made by the government or a company  under it that aim to inform us on the dangers of normal life, the most popular kind of PSAs being about illegal drugs and bad driving habits. So anyway, let us move on to our first PSA. (warning: PSAs can be pretty graphic or disturbing so these might not be for the fain of heart. – Welding “Accident”

This is one is from a campaign in Canada to raise awareness on safety in the workplace.  This also seems to be the only one in the campaign to go for shock value over clear explanation. Sure you get the guy explaining why he’s about to die but it doesn’t go into too much detail before he’s suddenly blown away by the explosion before falling onto the truck. That being said it’s a rare case where shock value helps and you get what the PSA is trying to tell you. Good show Canada.

Healthy Canada – Which Are Good, Which Are Bad?

I might have just complemented Canada on the previous PSA but this one is just so bad it’s good. Most drug PSAs in the 1980s would go for shock value, so what does Canada do? They make a rap song about which drugs are good and which are bad. There’s a few things wrong with this;

1) They don’t actually explain which are good and which are bad.

2) The guy in the sweater looks like a porn star.

3) 6-7 year olds aren’t drug addicts.

Nevertheless it’s a catchy song and at least it’s saying that not all drugs are bad, but it fails at getting the main point across.

United Kingdom – Just One More Dave

I’m a very desensitized person, but this one really disturbed me in a good way. I was surprised to learn of this, especially with my homeland having pretty bad driving PSAs. This is a PSA that goes for the twist ending, but in doing so it gets the message across so well. It’s a shame that the Think! organization in the UK hasn’t replayed this advert because it’s much better than any of their other efforts. Just watch it.

Well that wraps up the first in this weekly feature. Hope you enjoyed it and are more aware.

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