Friday Flash 30/01/08: The Late Edition

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As a consolation to Friday Flash coming a little late in the day today here’s a larger selection of games than usual. (See BPG I do love you ).

Grow Tower

The first new instalment in the grow series for a long time, and it doesn’t disappoint. Its a tad shorter than others in the series, however the difficulty is increased a bit due to the fact that there is only one possible combination where all the parts reach max level. The design behind these games always makes me think of choose-your-own adventure books, I always find myself going back and trying different “wrong” combinations just to see the results.

The Unfair Platformer

For anyone who has ever played old 8-16bit platformers this game will drive you insane. It throws all the usual “rules” right out the window and instead fills the game with cheap pitfalls and sneaky traps. This may sound annoying and more like punishment than fun, but it works well. It seems to motivate me in the same way that the Megaman series does, you just HAVE to keep going, eventually you will memorise it and finally get to the end.


Aether is another of these recent foray’s into “games as art”. All this phrase seems to get across to me now is that I am playing a game with pretty visuals with an extremely obscure and vague storyline and little to no direction as to the aims of the game. Despite having all these problems Aether easily became a fun game when I realised that each of the worlds you go to has some odd little task, be it making the moons crash into the surface or eating all the fish. If only the makers of these games could learn to tread the line between “art” and “pretentious waste of time” the world would be a better place.

Dino Run

A game with extremely simple graphics and gameplay that is just great fun to play. You are a small dinosaur trying to outrun a rain of comets, essentially your own extinction. As you run you try to eat other creatures so you can level up your skills such as speed so you can live.


Splitter is a logic game where your aim is to collect stars and get to the goal, however the only tool you have at your disposal to accomplish this is a knife that can split the ropes supporting all of the various scenery.

Tasha’s Lightning Balloon Storm

A very odd little game that has a TON of character. You guide Tasha around the levels in traditional platformer style, however you also have a magical, platform creating cat at your disposal to help you on your travels through each area. I’ll just say if the menu music alone doesn’t make you want to play this game then you have no soul.

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