Friday Flash 20/02/08

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You didn’t want to do any work this afternoon. Right?

Street Fighter Flash

As a small tribute to Street Fighter IV coming out this week I present to you street fighter flash. The controls are a bit hard but what can I say, no-one should play Street Fighter seriously on a keyboard anyway.

Color infection

A set of logical puzzles involving yellow and brown balls. The aim is to get all the yellow balls to turn brown through contact with brown balls. Some of the puzzles actually require real thought, quite a rarity in most of the flash games in this style.

Awesome Camel Soup

A simple balancing game, that is actually quiet difficult. The smallest of key presses will quickly send you off kilter, smashing your unicyclists head into the floor resulting in delightful MS paint style gore.

Catch of the day

An obscenely hard fishing sim that will most assuredly give you wrist cramps by the end of the game.


A game based on your ability to distinguish the icon that doesn’t belong, gets progressively harder and harder as the time limit decreases and the number of icons increases.

Enjoy, and as always feel free to send suggestions for any flash games you have had fun with to be featured to: [email protected].

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