Friday Flash 17/04/09

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Enjoy this weeks set of timewasters.

Puki 3D


Puki 3D is a light-hearted on-rails shooter, offering a quick distraction shooting the cute (but obviously evil) Puki’s as you travel through corridors. Different enemies and obstacles keep the game interesting as you play.

Card Toss


An aesthetically simple but also pleasing game. The object is also simple, toss the cards into the hat. Stringing together multiple throws awards bonus points and the chance for a big score



A flash remake of the original sokoban games that I’m sure many of you remember playing in early Windows / Dos. As always from any of the remakes from the guys at Moxiecode, the difficulty ramps up quickly and will drive you insane until completion.

Dad ‘n Me


Dad ‘n Me is another game from the brains of the dynamic duo that is Tom Fulp & Dan Paladin. For the uneducated, these two are the driving force behind Behemoth Studios, creators of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid.

Cursor Invisible


Fancy giving your spatial awareness a test? Then give this gallery shooter a go and see how many consecutive targets you can hit before you lose the cursor.

Enjoy, and as always feel free to send suggestions for any flash games you have had fun with to be featured to: [email protected].

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