Friday Flash 14/11/08

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Here’s another selection of time-wasters to ruin your work day courtesy of the whores at MWN.

Atomik Kaos

Atomik Kaos is a chain reaction game. By that I mean you have to cause a chain reaction between the atoms to destroy a certain amount or in some cases not destroy them. There are various power ups and the between level completion texts inject a huge dose of humour that makes this game a cut above the average.

Super Obama World

Exactly what it says on the tin, Obama in Super Mario platformer style, including election themed enemies.

Mirror’s Edge Flash Game Beta

The result of a collaboration between EA and Brad Borne (the guy behind the fancy pants adventure), The Mirror’s Edge flash game is great fun, it really captures the essence of the 360 game and apparently the full version is only 2 weeks away.

Grow Island

Here’s another gem from Eyezmaze, this time involving an island where you must add the various items in the correct order to achieve completion.


A new twist on the classic game of asteroids, adding gravity into the mix. This changes the tactics for the game considerably, especially with the addition of powerups.

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