Friday Flash 13/03/09

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My Idol

A quick post this week, coming to you from deep in the bowels of BunnyRabbit2’s bedroom.

Don’t Look Back


A horrendously punishing game in the vein of classics like Megaman that rewards memorisation of levels and punishes failure rather than the usual carrot on a stick methods employed by most games today.

Music Catch 2

Catch This

The sequel to the fantastic note-catching game Music Catch. This time including spruced up graphics, more songs, note patterns and backgrounds.



Yet another great offering from Nitrome. A quirky puzzle game in the usual pixel art style, and of course the awesome music that you have come to know and love.


Visible........Or is It?

A puzzle-platformer that keeps you guessing and thinking with several little gameplay mechanics that will often catch you offguard or lull you into a false sense of security.

I hope you enjoyed the selection, and as always send me any games you enjoyed at [email protected]

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