Friday Flash 13/02/08

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As always, hit more whore below for a list of games to ruin your productivity this afternoon.

Stoneage Sam

The aim of Stoneage Sam to click on the various objects scattered throughout each stage in the correct order and with correct timing so that Sam can reach his goal and avoid meeting a nasty end. The style of the game is very reminiscent of the classic PC point and click adventure, albeit very simplified.


A great little game for logic puzzle lovers. You are trapped in a spreadsheet, taking control of the cursor and you must make it to the exit at the end of each level. You can only move in four directions and cannot stop moving until you hit an obstacle. The game quickly gets much more difficult and also very addictive for completionists like myself.


A simple game involving the collection of balls by a snake. The aim of each level is to reach the necessary score by depositing enough of the variously coloured balls into the goal. Green balls grant you less points than red, but red balls slowly send your snake insane and it’s body begins to writhe, making it much harder to round up the balls.

Go Go Plant 2

A rhythm and timing game with a twist. Unlike guitar hero and it’s various clones Go Go Plant 2 takes the concept in an entirely different direction. The aim of the game is to avoid the obstacles and collect as much money as you can. Each directional arrow press yields different results for use in each situation as your plant makes his way across the screen.



I have only one word to describe this game, WUT?

Enjoy, and as always feel free to send suggestions for any flash games you have had fun with to be featured to: [email protected].

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