Friday Flash: 11/07/08

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Friday Flash is a new weekly thingamajig I’ll be posting for your procrastinating pleasure, that’s right you guessed it, every Friday. No-one ever gets any work done on a Friday, last day of work before the weekend, so we thought we here at MWN may as well contribute and give you something fun to do instead. The games that are posted will be new and old, just whatever happens to be enjoyable enough to distract me from my work this week.


The aim of this fantastic, minimalist game is to get to the top of a tower, however along the way you will have to push switches and solve other small puzzles. There is one twist though, after the time runs out you travel back in time and proceed to try and further your ascension up the tower by using the second cursor to assist in the puzzles you interacted with first time round. You get ten cursors in total, hence the name.

Grow Cube

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Grow series of games from Eyezmaze, a series of games in which you must click the various items in the correct order so that they can interact with each other and evolve. The premise is so simple but it is executed in such a cutesy and interesting way that it will have you attempting it over and over again until you crack it.

Light Bot

For the programmer inside all of us Light Bot gives you a small robot to control indirectly by giving him a series of commands before setting him on his way. The aim is to light up each of the green blocks in each level. It gets more and more complicated very quickly, to the point of including sub functions within the main function which adds a whole new angle to each puzzle.

Crazy Penguin Catapult

When I first clicked on this game I assumed it was going to be one of the standard, click a button, see how far you hit the poor cute little animal games. I was wrong. The aim of the game is to hit a set amount of polar bears with catapulted penguins on each level. The method in which you get to fire them changes from level to level in a sort of pre-round mini-game. This mini-game determines how many penguins you’ve got to to hit the set amount of bears. You unlock power-ups as you progress through the game, including but not limited to extra penguins, extra bounces and flaming penguins that melt straight through ice blocks.

Well, that does it for this week, enjoy and check back next Friday for more time-wasters.

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