Friday Flash 06/03/08

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This is what i got for christmas

Here’s another instalment of Friday Flash to waste away your afternoon.

Small Arms War

Small Arms

A sidescrolling stickman shoot-em-up with upgradeable weapons. Gets rediculously hard in an extremely short amount of time.

Mass Attack

Mass Attack

A puzzle game that depends on your ability to compare the size of masses, creating more masses that will bring the scales to equilibrium.

Super Stacker

Super Stacker

Another great little puzzle game that has you stacking various shapes, aiming to have a stable structure. At least until the timer runs out anyway.

Stunt Pilot

Wright Brothers Eat Your Heart Out

You control a stunt plane in this 2D sidescroller, where the aim is to pass through all of the various floating rings without hitting the rings themselves. Perform loop the loops and other tricks to aid you.

Hedgehog Launch


Try and launch a hedgehog into space using a combination of elastic bands, rockets and sheer determination.

Enjoy, and as always feel free to send suggestions for any flash games you have had fun with to be featured to: [email protected].

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