Friday Flash 06/02/08

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Enjoy today’s set of games to while away your last few hours of work.


The First of two Nitrome games this week is Fatcat. I suppose I would class Fatcat as a relaxed SHMUP with a twist. Not only do you control a cat, you also control an owl for some mad reason. The owl acts as your main point of interaction within the game, shooting and moving objects, whereas the cat serves mostly as a collection point for all of the cake in the known universe. The controls are a little tricky at first, I would liken it to Geometry Wars in that you need to operate two hands independently for different purposes. As with every other Nitrome game, the pixel art graphics are gorgeous and the soundtrack is awesome.

Monster Evolution

Monster Evolution is what I call a mindless “kill everything” game, where as the title suggests, you kill everything in sight. However, it is actually quite a complex game, in the fact that it has a fully featured evolution system in place. Choosing from various traits sends you down different paths of evolution, unlocking different creatures to wreak havoc with in the game world. After killing a certain number of enemies you progress to the next tier of gameplay, however so do the bad guys, gaining tanks and helicopters in addition to their troops.

Tactical Assassin

For the caged killer in all of us comes Tactical Assassin, A now typical stickman based sniping simulator. The thing that sets this apart is the fact that you actually need to read the mission briefs prior to each game lest you kill all the wrong people at the wrong times, failing the mission. It is a simple premise, yet it is carried out very well, and actually managed to make me fail a few times, which these sort of games rarely do.


Another exceedingly simple idea, dodge the coloured dots and last as long as you can, modified with a twist. The mouse cursor is replaced with a rotating formation of white dots that can be contracted at the click of the mouse. This rotation of the formation makes it all the harder to avoid collisions, but you do have one thing on your side. The formation is not a solid object, so the coloured dots can pass between the various white dots in the formation. This gives rise to very interesting gameplay, especially at points where rotation saves your ass for the third time in as many seconds.

Magic Touch

Magic touch is the second Nitrome game this week, and to me feels like something taken straight from Wario Ware or some other DS mini-game title. The aim is simply to keep the enemies from landing on the castle. To do this you have to cut the strings from the balloons holding them up by drawing the various gestures presented with the mouse. The difficulty ramps up relatively quickly, needing 2 or 3 gestures per enemy and provides a quick distraction.

I hope I managed to waste as much of your work day as possible, and as always send any suggestions for games to be featured to [email protected]

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