Friday Flash 02/04/09

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Enjoy this weeks set of timewasters.

Damn Birds


Take on the guise of a park statue, armed at first with only a musket and try to prevent the birds from shitting all over you. Upgrade your weapons over time and don’t forget to wash off any residual poop after each round.



A really simple, yet somehow addictive platformer that puts you in control of a bouncy ball. Collect all the coins on each level to progress



A twist on the classic tower defence game. This puts you in control of the waves of enemies with computer controlled towers preventing them from reaching their destination. As you progress you unlock many different unit types that are resilient against certain tower types, so plan your route carefully to score big.

The Impossible Quiz 2


I love the Impossible Quiz series, but then again I’m a glutton for punishment. Try to answer the ludicrous questions and get to the end of the quiz. Make sure you memorize the right answers as you go along. I guarantee you will be restarting a LOT.

The Great Kitchen Escape


Room escape games are generally not ones I enjoy, but for some reason I managed to sit through this one with no complaints so give it a go.

Enjoy, and as always feel free to send suggestions for any flash games you have had fun with to be featured to: [email protected].

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