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Free DC Comics. Every Day. For the Next Seven Days in Digital Format.

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DC says “You’re welcome, Internet.” And hands everyone digitally Free DC Comics.

Starting today, DC is giving up free digital comic books, basically first issues. We all know they’re just trying to draw us in with free stuff and then hooking us. Then, as we come back every week, asking for more, they’ll just nod and send over the data packets of all the comics you’re now buying. It’s a proven marketing technique. I for sure am downloading all of these comics, because, WHY THE HELL NOT.

free DC Comics

Free DC Comics from the digital platform, for the next seven days only.

Today’s comics are thus, if you need added incentive:

  • Legends of the Dark Knight (2012 – ) #1
  • Batman ’66 #1
  • Smallville: Season 11 #1
  • Batman Beyond 2.0 (2013 – ) #1
  • Batman: Li’l Gotham #1
  • Adventures of Superman (2013 -) #1

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