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Free Comic – Prelude to Hellraiser #1

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Fans of Hellraiser, rejoice! Your new favorite comic is upon you today!

We’ve been lucky enough to be on BOOM! Studios’ good side and have a review for it OVER HERE, but the other thing that BOOM! has decided to share with all of us is a special 8-page comic titled “At the Tolling of a Bell” which you won’t be able to see in print form until the new Hellraiser series is collected into a trade paperback. The best thing is that you too can see the entire thing as well.

Just click on the link we provide RIGHT HERE to download and read for yourself! This isn’t a preview. This isn’t an excerpt. What this PDF contains is a ‘taste’ of what you can expect in the new series from Clive Barker, Leonardo Manco, and Christopher Monfette.

The series is out today, so if you enjoy what you read in this prelude, look up your nearest local comic book store (there’s a handy guide in the PDF) and demand the first issue. This is the first time any publisher has done something like this and just goes to show you the innovation that BOOM! Studios is bringing to an all too stale industry.

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