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Freakshow #1 Is a Must Have For Your Hold

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I feel bad that I didn’t let you guys know about this when I first got an email asking to review this comic. I got tied up in tons of stuff and then I remembered, and read the comic. Holy Crap are you guys going to be pissed at me.

I’ve been getting re-introduced to comic books since I started reviewing on the site, and yes, I’m easily blown away by a majority of them. I think it’s a whole revisiting/ seeing things with fresh eyes thing. Forget all the other top accolades I’ve given you, I’m easily putting them aside to put Freakshow as the comic I will use to introduce/get people excited about the genre. The writing by David Server & Jackson Lanzing is just damn good. The story is so original and and the storytelling puts my bedtime stories that I tell my 3 year old to get him to sleep to shame. The setting of a post apocalyptic city and how the characters got their powers through genetic scrambling was good enough for me to read the comic three times. Though, I’ll be honest, the MAIN reason I kept revisiting the comic was the by Joe Suitor. If you want to see crisp, clean, and just art the pops on every damn page, this is it.

The story goes that there was a superhuman that was created through science, he had powers and the like. Then he died, a black cloud pretty much kills an entire city and only the less than 1% of survivors got their genes mixed through a blender and came out with powers of their own. Though, they’re not here to fight crime. They want to kill everyone that made them what they are, and well, the just go about kicking major ass. Really, I don’t know what else to say because I don’t want to give anything away to you the reader. The characters are so excellently done that you just find yourself being sucked it, the art helps in that regard too.

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t ask your comic book guy to get this in your hold, though, you might have to wait, because Ape Entertainment already sold out of the first printing. Since Ape Entertainment recognizes that this sell-out will limit retailers from ordering further copies of FREAKSHOW #1, there are plans to release a digital version of the book as soon as possible. A similar digital format is planned for issues #2 and #3, and details will be announced by Ape upon release. I’m going to be buying them all to support this comic, and you should be doing the same.

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