Frankie Stein Review

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First off Frankie Stein is not a comic book, it’s a children’s book that just so happens to be published by Image Comics. Ok, for those of you that I haven’t scared away yet, let me go a bit further into this book’s pedigree.

This book is written by Steven T. Seagle. Seagle is co-creator of Ben 10 and wrote for Uncanny X-Men, Alpha Flight, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Green Lantern: Brightest Day, Blackest Night, and Superman. Joining him is illustrator Marco Cinello. Cinello has worked extensively for Nickelodeon’s Animation Department, and previously worked on Soul Kiss with Seagle.

Frankie Lives in a Castle outside Transylvania Pennsylvania with his father. His birthday is October 31, and today is his birthday. His father has told him that he should never leave the castle because monsters live in the town. Today, he meets two children from the town that tell him that children live in the town, and monsters live in the castle.

These children tell him to have a “Happy Halloween” and leave. Frankie is afraid of the monsters in the castle that they told him about so he sneaks out of his room and goes into town. When he arrives he sees children trick-or-treating and sees nothing but MONSTERS. Everyone in the town loves his “costume” and wants to take him to the town square for the costume contest.

This causes Frankie to run away because he doesn’t want a Happy Halloween. Frankie runs home and his father finds him hiding under his bed. The villagers come to the door and his father lets them in. This is when Frankie realizes that they are not monsters at all but people wearing costumes.

Frankie wins the prize for best costume. The story ends with “Sometimes a happy birthday can be a happy Halloween.”

The story is extremely well written, right down to persistent use of the moral, “sometimes what you don’t want can be the perfect accompaniment to what you do want,” and “sometimes one thing can be two things.” The artwork is well done and very charming. Your kids will love it, I loved it. It’s listed as $12.99 MSRP.

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