Frank Darabont to direct The Walking Dead on the small screen

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If you’re a regular reader of the site then you already know that I’m a massive fan of The Walking Dead and it’s one of my regular recommendations every month.  Created by Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, The Walking Dead tells the story of Rick Marshall a small town cop who wakes from a coma in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, after tracking down his family Rick struggles to keep them safe in a world overrun by the undead.  Frank Darabont attaching his name to this is big news, hit the jump to find out why.

Frank Darabont has written and directed classics like The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption so we know the guy can write and direct to an amazingly high standard, not forgetting he’s also been nominated for 3 Academy Awards. He also got into the industry by writing horror films including; A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, The Fly 2 and The Blob.  Ok these aren’t classic horror films but at least he has experience in writing within the genre.

The company that are close to inking the deal with Darabont are AMC who are responsible for some of the biggest shows television at the moment including Mad Men and Breaking Bad so it’s going to a channel that’s used to making a high standard of show.  Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior VP of Programming had this to say about the deal:

“This is not about zombies popping out of closets,” Stillerman said. “This is a story about survival, and the dynamics of what happens when a group is forced to survive under these circumstances. The world (in ‘Walking Dead’) is portrayed in a smart, sophisticated way.”

He went on to say that the series will stay faithful to the original tone of the novels because of the quality of the storytelling is already there in the books.  Hearing things like this is only good news to a fan of the series.

It’ll be interesting to see how this develops from here, there are a lot of events that take place in the book that I can’t see happening on the small screen, to discuss them would spoil some of the more memorable events within the story but if you already The Walking Dead then you know what I mean, it gets very dark.

I’m guessing the show is a year away at least but now we’ve had an announcement I’ll be keeping my eye out for any developments on the show in particular the casting.  Cast Nathan Fillion as Rick, the guy could bring a great sense of humanity to the role especially portraying someone who has to rationalise some of the extreme choices he has to make as a leader,  if Darabont is reading this, please make it happen.  Regardless of the final casting choices this is a good day for comic book fans.

Source: Variety

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