Brian West

Fox’s GOTHAM Has It’s Lead Detective

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There’s a new sheriff in Gotham….
Fox has found their Detective James Gordon, Ben McKenzie has been cast to play the iconic comic police officer in GOTHAM. This new show is inspired by the Batman comics and follows a young Detective Gordon as he faces off against some of Gotham’s most famous villains before they became famous. This will be an origin story of Batman’s Gotham City, how far the show dives into Batman’s origins is still unknown. Rumor has it though, that Gordon might end up being the lead Detective on a case involving a boy who’s parents were gunned down outside of a theater. I hope things turn out ok for that kid, God only knows what seeing something like that would do to someone. Either way, McKenzie is a good actor and a smart cast for Fox, he should be a great Detective Gordon. Ben McKenzie is best known for his roles on The O.C., and most recently Southland, where fittingly enough he played a police officer.
What do you think? Is Ben McKenzie a good fit to play Detective Gordon, or is Gary Oldman the only Gordon you’ll ever love? Lets us know, sound off below!!

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